领先的模内装饰 (IME) 供应商用 IMSE 解决方案取代传统电子产品 我司供应先进IME膜内全套电子浆料及技术解决方案,如有需要请致电13922125860  领先的汽车和家电 OEM 模内装饰 (IME) 零件制造商今天宣布,他们将与领先的 3D 注塑结构电子 (IMSE) 生产商 TactoTek 合作,共同设计和批量生产汽车和家电控制面板。第一个控制面板包括许多电子功能,包括印刷电路、高性能电容式触摸和封装在注塑塑料中的 LED,并计划于 2017 年进行大批量生产。

Leading In-Mold Decoration (IMD) Supplier Replaces Traditional Electronics with IMSE Solution

 leading manufacturer of In-Mold Decoration (IMD) parts for automotive and home appliance OEMs, today announced that they are partnering with TactoTek, a leading producer of 3D Injection Molded Structural Electronics (IMSE), to collaboratively design and mass produce automotive and home appliance control panels. The first control panel includes a number of electronic functions including printed circuitry, high performance capacitive touch and LEDs encapsulated within injection molded plastic and is scheduled for high volume mass production in 2017.


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